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Get to Know Me,
My Qualifications
and My Philosophy



Heather Dirkmaat, NMD

Pediatric Medicine 

Dr. Heather Dirkmaat, ND received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Sonoran University of Health Sciences.  Her dedication to research has been ongoing stemming from her undergraduate career at the University of Colorado-Denver where she was awarded three awards for her undergraduate research examining the development of atherosclerosis in pre-menopausal women. 


She received her Master of Biomedical Sciences from University of Northern Colorado She received her Master of Biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University where she researched genetically modified organisms (GMO)While attending Naturopathic medical school she continued to facilitate research along with examining bovine mastitis and herbal remedies.  As an adjunct faculty member in the Research Department at Sonoran University of Health Sciences, she continues to broaden the lens regarding possible remedies for communicable diseases.


Safety, Quality, Researched,

I keep up with research and integrate it into my care.  I have worked with some of the top doctors in my industry and make recommendations that will be best for the child.  My methods are safe and effective.  


The blend of medicine I practice is an eclectic one.  I use both Western and Eastern medicine to formulate the best outcome for the patients.  My medicine serves a spectrum that accommodates both natural and conventional mindsets.


I provide safe, knowledgeable, quality care to the community.  The care provided is non-judgmental and does not discriminate based on sexual preferences, orientation, gender, or vaccination status.  

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